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Everything you need to know to make clickable thumbnails and improve your CTR.
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Digital Course / $99.00

Why should I buy this course?

Thumbnails are extremely important to succeeding on Youtube.
This course is going to help you understand exactly what it takes to get a viewer to click.
So you can start making effective thumbnails and getting the views you deserve.


George (Creator)

The course totally opened my eyes. I realised so many mistakes I’ve been making when it comes to thumbnails. Trust me it’s worth every single cent.

Giada (Creator)

The course is amazing, it clearly and simply tells you everything you need to create the right thumbnails for your channel. I loved how every part is covered in detail.

Joseph (Designer)

Jay is a phenomenal teacher and mentor, and this course is a great starting point if you're interested in learning about the theory behind successful thumbnails.
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Cliftin (Creator)

Jay Alto is the guy who came out of the womb and decided he wanted to be the Einstein of thumbnails. He does his research, cares about others and wants to share his knowledge.

Mx Hurley (Creator)

The course's insight into the psychology behind the viewer is priceless - all done in a way that are easy to digest. A must-buy for anyone working in the content space!

Who is this course for?

Early-stage creators looking to improve their thumbnails and grow their channel.
Established creators who want to optimise their thumbnail strategy.
Designers looking to understand the theory behind what makes a good thumbnail.

Who is this course not for?

People looking for a course focused on how to use Photoshop.
People looking for an easy ‘hack’ to improve your thumbnails.
People making content for the sake of being a Youtuber.

What’s included?

15 modules explaining exactly how to make clickable thumbnails
Over 1 hour of video content explaining each concept
Actionable summaries for each module with key takeaways
Course Workbook that goes into detail about each module
Examples showing each module in action
Access to Course Community to meet other creators, learn from others, get feedback
Community Q&A / Thumbnail roasts

What will this course teach me?

This course isn’t focused on Photoshop or any other editing software.
It’s a breakdown of the fundamentals that make effective thumbnails.
There are 3 fundamentals that every thumbnail must do to get the click:
Wherever your thumbnail is going to be, it’s competing with a lot of other thumbnails.
To make sure the viewer clicks on your video, you first have to get their attention.
If you don’t, the potential viewer won’t even know your video exists.
Now you’ve got their attention, you need to clearly show them your video is for them.
You need to show them that it’s something they are interested in.
If the viewer doesn’t think your video is for them, why would they ever click on it?
You’ve got the viewer's attention and shown them your video appeals to their interests.
Now, you’ve got to give them a reason to click.
You have to show them that your video is worth their time.
These 3 fundamentals are what the entire course is built around.
Achieve them and you’ll start making clickable thumbnails in no time.

Course Breakdown

Module 1: Design vs Theory
Module 2: Why Are Thumbnails So Important?
Module 3: Viewers’ Journey
Module 4: Attention
Module 5: Interest
Module 6: Social Hacking
Module 7: Hook
Module 8: Clickbait
Module 9: 3 Element Rule
Module 10: Making Thumbnails
Module 11: Image-Based Thumbnails
Module 12: Thumbnail Text
Module 13: Faces
Module 14: What’s a Good CTR?
Module 15: Design Fundamentals