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1:1 call with Jay Alto to help you improve your thumbnail strategy.
Private Call / $249.00



Zealous - 2.9M

Jay helped me view my thumbnails from a new angle and helped my team and I become more intentional about our overall long-term thumbnail strategy. Highly recommend you work with Jay!

Sam And Colby - 6.78M

Jay was super thoughtful about the strategy and kept it real about how we should work moving forward. would definitely work with him again!

FilmBooth - 178K

Working with Jay is a no-brainer. He's helped me position videos in ways I would have never come up with. I feel like I have a secret weapon.
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Judo Sloth - 1.5M

Jay was very professional, sharing his expertise whilst being conscious of my needs. The call far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to the next one.

DC Heat - 1M

Jay came up with the thumbnail concept for a video that performed very well for the channel, receiving over 650k views and generating $1-2k for the channel.

Switch And Click - 548K

Jay helped us understand effective thumbnail branding which made a huge difference to our CTR, getting more views and building a loyal audience.

BDE - 672K

Jay was incredible at breaking down the fundamentals. If you’re looking to improve your CTR, Jay will lead you in the right direction!

vNARF - 943k

Jay really refreshed my point of view on thumbnails. I've learnt how to make them more interesting, the importance of planning and how to execute them effectively.


Each call is tailored to exactly your needs, based on pre-call questions and our initial discussion.
🔲 Review overall thumbnail strategy and performance
🔲 Discuss thumbnail theory and fundamentals
🔲 Run through individual thumbnails
🔲 Brainstorm future ideas and thumbnail concepts
And I'm happy to discuss anything else that comes up on the call.